Checklist for completing Shipping Labels

  1. Select the name of the shipping library from the address book, or enter the name and complete the address of the shipping library.
  2. Select the name of the recipient from the address book, or enter the complete name and address of the recipient and, if applicable, also enter title, department and company.
  3. Enter the weight in kilograms.
  4. Enter the length, width and height of the item.
  5. Optional field. Enter the email address of the recipient if you wish to send out a notification.
  6. Optional field. Enter a unique reference number. You can track the item later by either reference number or bar code item number.
  7. Method of Payment:
    • choose either credit card or postage stamps
    • if paying by stamps, the postage amount will be indicated on the shipping label. Affix the stamps (postage) to the shipping label where indicated. If you do not have your stamps, you may go to a postal outlet, where you will be able to purchase postage and have it affixed to your item.
    • if credit card, enter card number, full name
  8. Click the Calculate button. This will automatically display the cost of your shipment.
  9. If an error was made, click to clear all fields.
  10. Click to indicate that you agree to the terms and conditions of Express Order Entry.
  11. Click to print label.