Using the Tool

Canada Post’s Express Order Entry – Ship in Canada

An online service that makes it easy to ship library materials

Express Order Entry (EOE) – Ship in Canada is a service that enables users to prepare and pay for library material shipments in Canada. EOE is available on the Library Shipping Tool website, and is available for use by qualifying libraries.

Additional benefits of the library shipping tool

  • One shipping screen to make library material shipments easy
  • The ability to track shipments online
  • Payment methods including credit card and postage stamps
  • Automatic provision of rate information
  • Validation of information prior to printing
  • Printing of address labels on plain paper
  • Automatic updates and no software downloads
  • No manifests required

Ship in 3 Easy Steps

  1. Fill in the appropriate fields in the tool
  2. Print label and affix to parcel; if using stamps apply required postage.
  3. Drop off at a post office or in a street letter box