The Library Shipping Tool is Moving

For many years the Canadian Library Association (CLA) has administered the Library Shipping Tool for libraries across Canada. This tool provided libraries across Canada access to affordable shipping rates. As a result of CLA’s pending dissolution, it will no longer be administering this tool.

The Canadian Urban Libraries Council (CULC), has agreed to take over the administration of the Canada Post Library Shipping Tool. The goal is seamless service delivery.

As part of the process there is some verification of contacts and accounts that needs to take place. CLA, as part of this process, sent out a blanket email to the contacts they have for the Library Shipping Tool. After the email went out there were a lot of undeliverable emails. At your library one or more of these emails was marked undeliverable. Can you please forward this email and the link to the appropriate people/person within your institution.

Survey Address:

If your library has more than one Shipping Tool Account Number please make sure that the survey has been filled out for each number.

Thanks in advance for your help with this.

Canadian Urban Libraries Council