Postage Meter Changes for July 1

Over the next year Canada Post is discontinuing the use of a postage meter for shipping parcels. The Express Order Entry platform that the Library Shipping Tool uses will be one of the first where this change takes place. As of July 1 payments can be made by affixing stamps or using a credit card.

Canada Post is unable to provide account as a method of payment in the Library Materials Shipping Tool due to technical constraints.

There has been a lot of confusion about this change especially when dealing directly with the Canada Post support phone numbers or at the post office. We have been working with Canada Post while they put together a customer service communication and they are getting it distributed.

If you have any issues at a post office please send the address and we will forward it on to their Retail Compliance team. Over the last week their team has been contacting post offices to explain the Library Materials Shipping process.

Tax on Shipping Materials
Tax charges are not new and all applicable taxes are charged at time of payment.
  • When customers paid by meter, the applicable taxes were charged at the time the postage was purchased on the meter.
  • When customers pay with a credit card, the taxes are charged when the postage is purchased.