What Is Library Materials Service?

Library Materials Service is a service accessible to recognized public libraries, university libraries, or other libraries maintained by non-profit organizations or associations and which are for public use in Canada. It is available for eligible library materials that are mailed by a library to its patrons or to a borrowing library for use by their patrons.

Library Materials may consist of books, magazines, records, CDs, CD-ROMs, audiocassettes, videocassettes, DVDs and other audiovisual materials and other similar library materials.

NOTE: Authorization will not be given for materials exchanged between libraries and between libraries and their patrons, when the library is operated as a commercial enterprise or when the library restricts its membership to a specific group of patrons. Library Materials will accept only material which consist wholly of reading matter and contain no advertising or administrative materials other than incidental notification of books and that are circulated between libraries (for use of their patrons).

Library Materials shipments must be transmitted in appropriate packaging provided by the shipper, and must bear a complete address, including the correct Postal Code.

To ship items at Library Materials prices, a library must complete a Library Materials Service Application Form and be authorized by the Canadian Urban Libraries Council. Visit the Library Shipping Tool website at to obtain the form. Libraries must complete the application form and return it directly to the Canadian Urban Libraries Council (details can be found on the form). Authorization of the application form provides access to the Library Materials prices, Library Materials Shipping Tool and Canada Post’s Electronic Shipping Tools (EST).

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